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Coming Up With Ideas

Warrior GPT Product Scout 

Sales Funnel Strategy

Warrior+ Launch Strategist GPT

Creating Your Landing Page

Warrior Page Builder GPT


Creating A Product


Creating Your Offer


Adding Buy Buttons


Autoresponder Guide

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GPT Genius

Discover how GPT technology can change your approach to affiliate marketing. Check out my step-by-step video course to build custom GPTs for product reviews, email marketing, and more!


Warrior GPT Product Scout

Generates GPT product ideas for Warrior+ based on market trends.

Warrior+ Launch Strategist

Strategic advisor for product launch funnels, specializing in warrior+ platforms.

Warrior Page Builder GPT

Writes copy for sales pages for digital marketing products on Warrior+.

TY Page Writer

Drafts engaging thank you page copy for GPT-related digital products and training courses.

JV Copywriter Pro

The JV Copywriter Pro is a specialized AI tool designed for crafting compelling copy for Joint Venture (JV) pages.

Warrior+ Offer Assistant

SEO-optimized Warrior+ Offer Assistant that helps you write the offer general category copy, ad copy and affiliate section copy. 

Autoresponder Guide

Crafts email sequences for GPT product launches, mixing helpful content with affiliate offers.

Affiliate Outreach Assistant

This PDF outlines 10 ideas for creating calculators for Local Businesses. 

Access The WP Plugins Here!

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WP Tube Speed for optimising your YouTube video embeds to make your WordPress site faster. 

WP Auto Tube Map to get free targetted traffic from Google & Bing

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