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Transform Your Affiliate Marketing Game with 'AI Affiliate: The Warrior+ List Building Strategy' Master the strategy of Product Launches to Build a Powerful Buyers List!

This is a simple and proven strategy for affiliate marketers seeking to expand their reach and profitability on Warrior+. This isn't just a course; it's your roadmap to mastering product launches tailored for attracting affiliates and building a valuable buyers list. With access to my library of GPT tools that I use myself for product launches, you're set to start your list-building strategy today.

Learn to attract affiliates and grow your buyer's list with my step by step, over-the-shoulder video course, created to guide you through the process of building a buyers list from Warrior+ product launches. This is your golden ticket to building a buyers list quickly, leveraging advanced GPT technologies and proven strategies.

Topics Covered By Ai Affiliate

GPT Product Launch Ideas

In this video course, I will walk you through step-by-step on how to do a product launch. You will have access to my GPT that will help you come up with Custom Made GPT product ideas for your product launch.

Warrior+ Product & Offer Creation

I will show you step by step in my over the shoulder video guide on how to create an offer on Warrior+ and how to navigate the Warrior+ interface for product launches. You will also have access to my Warrior+ Offer Assistant GPT.

Warrior+ Sales Funnel Mastery

Master the creation of a sales funnel that appeals to affiliates and converts subscribers into buyers, guided by Warrior+ Launch Strategist GPT.

Email Marketing Automation

Create Your Autoresponder in less than 5 minutes with your affiliate links with the help of my Launch Autoresponder GPT.

Landing Page Creation

Design your landing pages with access to my 3 GPTs for Landing Page, Access Page & JV Page copy writing. Watch me over the shoulder while I create my pages using my GPTs.

How To Get Affiliates

3 simple and proven ways to get affiliates on board to promote your offer. Watch me over the shoulder build my buyers list.

My Journey: From Struggle to AI Empowerment

Hey guys, my name is Stephanie Hayes!

As a designer, my passion lies in creating visually stunning work, but writing? That was my my biggest struggle when I started my journey in Marketing.

I began working alongside my father, Tony Hayes 8 years ago. I've been deeply involved in creating Warrior+ launches, gaining invaluable experience in crafting landing pages, access pages, JV pages, and the steps involved in launching successful Warrior+ products.

The game-changer for me was discovering the power of AI and the world of GPTs. These AI tools have not only streamlined my workflow but changed my entire business approach. No longer bogged down by the daunting task of writing, I now have an AI assistant to generate high-quality copy in seconds.

This integration of AI into my workflow allows me to focus more on what I love and excel at – designing and strategizing impactful Warrior+ product launches.

Let Me Tell You More About
The Ai Affiliate Course

This is your step by step guide on building a buyers list from doing a Warrior+ product launch. You will also get access to all of my GPTs that I use myself when I work on new product launches. 

I am giving You Access To My Library of GPTs That I use for Product Launches


Warrior+ GPT Product Scout: Brainstorm and generate creative, market-ready GPT product ideas specifically tailored for the Warrior+ platform.


Warrior+ Launch Strategist: This GPT-powered strategist assists in mapping out effective and profitable sales funnels for your Warrior+ product launches.


Warrior+ Landing Page GPT: A specialized AI assistant that crafts compelling and persuasive copy for your sales pages, ensuring high engagement and conversion.


TY Page Writer: Creates personalized and engaging thank-you or access page content.


JV Copywriter Pro: An expert AI tool designed to write effective joint venture (JV) page content, perfect for attracting new affiliates.


Warrior+ Offer Assistant:  Streamlines the creation of your Warrior+ offer settings with AI-generated copy that's clear, concise, and conversion-optimized.


Affiliate Outreach Assistant: AI tool for crafting effective outreach messages and emails, perfect for building and maintaining strong relationships with affiliates.


Launch Autoresponder GPT: An AI assistant focused on writing engaging and responsive autoresponder sequences. 


Get free access to these Bonuses

Who is this Course for?

  • Affiliate Marketers aiming to leverage product launches for list building.
  • Digital Entrepreneurs seeking to learn how to do product launches on Warrior+.
  • Marketers interested in integrating AI technology into their launch strategies.
  • Anyone looking to build a substantial buyer's list through effective product launches.

Key Benefits

  • Affiliate-Centric Product Launches: Learn to create offers that attract and motivate affiliates.
  • Rapid Buyers List Building: Develop strategies to grow your list quickly and effectively.
  • Automated Marketing Tools: Harness the power of AI to streamline your launch and marketing efforts.
  • Comprehensive Training: Gain practical knowledge for setting up a successful Warrior+ launch.
  • Expert Insights and Tools: Leverage advanced GPT tools to enhance every aspect of your launch.

Get 'Ai Affiliate' Video Course With GPTs Today!

AI Affiliate


Start Building Your Buyers List Today!

  • Access My Step By Step Over The Shoulder Video Course Today
  • Access To My GPT Tools To Use For Every Stage of Your Launch
  • Learn How To Build A Buyers List From A Simple & Proven Strategy
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

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