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Your Guide To Mastering GPTs For Affiliate Marketing

Discover how GPT technology can change your approach to affiliate marketing. Check out my step-by-step video course to build custom GPTs for product reviews, email marketing, and more!

Topics Covered By The GPT Genius Course

Building Your First GPT – A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video course, I will walk you through step-by-step on how to create GPTs that you will use on a day to day basis for affiliate marketing. 

3 ways to drive traffic

3 ways to drive traffic to your custom GPTs through audience building, through highly targeted distribution and unique and easy to do SEO strategies.

Over The Shoulder Videos For Creating GPTS For Affiliate Marketing Tasks

Watch me over the shoulder create 3 GPTS that will help you choose the right product to promote, craft a compelling email swipe and generate email subjects that will increase your open rates

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website From your GPTs

Stupid simple 2 minute hack that drives hordes of traffic to your website, landing pages, sales pages, blog posts and even your affiliate offers. 

How To Monetise Your GPTs

3 ways to monetise your custom GPTs. Beginner friendly and easy to do. Just follow my step by step training. 

Bonus Training

How to put a Chatbot on your WordPress site in less than 5 minutes to help convert the traffic you send from your custom GPTs for increased affiliate commissions.  

My Journey: From Struggle to AI Empowerment

Hey guys, my name is Stephanie Hayes!

As a designer, my passion lies in creating visually stunning work, but writing? That was my my biggest struggle. When I started my journey is Marketing, crafting the perfect copy and affiliate promotions meant hours of frustration or outsourcing copywriters which cost a lot of money. Then, I discovered AI. The world of GPTs opened up to me like a hidden treasure trove. Suddenly, I had an ally – an AI assistant that could generate high-quality copy in seconds. GPTs have transformed not just my workflow, but my entire business approach.

Let Me Tell You More About
The GPT Genius Course

This course isn't just about understanding AI; it's about leveraging its power for your personal and professional growth.

Whether you're drafting an email, brainstorming ideas, or creating course outlines, the skills you'll acquire here will turn you into a custom GPT genius!

You'll learn:


Building Your First GPT – A Step-by-Step Guide


Creating GPTs for affiliate marketing allowing you to free up more time to focus on doing the things that you love


Develop strategies for developing GPTs that you can monetise


Monetization and Traffic: Turning Your GPTs into Profitable Assets


Access to all of the GPTs that I have created while recording this course and more!


Get free access to these WP Plugins when purchasing GPT Genius!

The Future is Here, and It's Exciting!

Feel the thrill of being at the cutting edge of AI technology. Envision a future where your creativity is multiplied by a hundred and your productivity skyrockets and your affiliate commissions explode!

Check Out What People Are Charging For Custom GPTs!

Get 'GPT Genius' Video Course Today!

Join me on this exciting journey into the world of AI. With 'GPT Genius,' you're not just learning a skill; you're unlocking a universe of possibilities.

GPT Genius


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  • Step By Step Over The Shoulder Video Course
  • Access To All 3 GPTs That I have Created During This Course and More!
  • Learn How To Develop Strategies For Creating GPTs
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