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Discover how GPT technology can change your approach to affiliate marketing!

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Maximize Your Affiliate Earnings with GPT Genius – Learn How To Create, Use & Monetise Custom GPTs!

Join me in Promoting GPT Genius and Earn Generous Commissions While Delivering Incredible Value to Your Subscribers!

50% Comissions Across The Funnel

Earn 50% commissions with every sale made through your unique affiliate link.

Advanced GPT Training

Provides in-depth knowledge on leveraging GPT technology for affiliate marketing.

Empower Your Audience

Empower your audience to leverage the trending topic of custom made GPTs that will save them time and money!

Comprehensive Resource Access

Includes over-the-shoulder videos, direct access to GPTs created in the course and more!

Exclusive Bonuses To Mention In Your Promo!

Access To 3 GPTS 

Access to 3 GPTS that will help you choose the right product to promote on Warrior+, craft a compelling email swipe and generate email subjects that will increase your open rates

Bonus GPT - GIGA

My Favourite GPT that helps you come up with Ideas for creating custom GPTs.

Bonus Training

How to put a Chatbot on your WordPress site in less than 5 minutes to help convert the traffic you send from your custom GPTs for increased affiliate commissions.  

Local Business GPT Ideas PDF

This PDF outlines 10 ideas for creating calculators for Local Businesses. 


Get free access to these WP Plugins when purchasing GPT Genius!


I did not reach out to affiliates, in fact I have only sent 1 email for GPT Genius. 

High Converting Sales Funnel!

Front End: GPT Genius

Discover how GPT technology can change your approach to affiliate marketing. This step-by-step video course covers how to build custom GPTs for product reviews, email marketing, and more!

Price: $16.95

OTO1: GPT Local

A custom GPT that generates calculators that can be added to any WordPress Site in just a few minutes. Included is a video overview of how to use the GPT and how to add the calculator generated by the GPT to a WordPress site in just a few minutes + PDF with 10 ideas for creating calculators. 

Price: $16.95

OTO2: GPT Library

Access to 10 of our best GPTs that we have created and use daily. 

Price: $16.95

OTO3: LeadBlasta

LeadBlasta is a powerful lead magnet builder for fast list building leveraging chrome store traffic. It has a built in SMS and email marketing system and I have done tutorials on how simple it is to use.

I have added some bonuses... My LeadBlasta GPT for generating content for the leadmagnets and access to Kirim email marketing platform to streamline your lead magnet creation

Price: Ranges from $27 - $77

My Journey: From Struggle to AI Empowerment

Hey guys, my name is Stephanie Hayes!

As a designer, my passion lies in creating visually stunning work, but writing? That was my my biggest struggle. When I started my journey is Marketing, crafting the perfect copy and affiliate promotions meant hours of frustration or outsourcing copywriters which cost a lot of money. Then, I discovered AI. The world of GPTs opened up to me like a hidden treasure trove. Suddenly, I had an ally – an AI assistant that could generate high-quality copy in seconds. GPTs have transformed not just my workflow, but my entire business approach.

Skype ID: Thfnika


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Email Swipes

Email Swipe 1: Introduction to GPT Genius

Subject: Change Your Approach To Affiliate Marketing with AI!

Hi [Recipient's Name],

Are you ready to take your affiliate marketing to the next level?

Introducing GPT Genius, a game-changing course by Stephanie Hayes that unlocks the full potential of GPT technology for affiliate marketers.

Discover how to create custom GPTs for product reviews, email marketing, and more.

With this over the shoulder course you will learn how to leverage AI for tasks that would usually take up a lot of your time. 

Whether you're drafting an email, brainstorming ideas, or creating course outlines, the skills you'll acquire here will turn you into a custom GPT genius!

Learn more here: GPT Genius

As a bonus, Stephanie is giving you access all of the GPTs that she created while recording this course and more!


[Your Name]

Email Swipe 2: Focus on Practical Application

Subject: Transform Your Marketing Strategy with AI!

Hey [Recipient's Name],

Ever imagined having an AI assistant for your marketing needs?

With GPT Genius, you will learn how to integrate chatbots, drive traffic, and monetize your online presence effectively. Stephanie Hayes guides you through every step, making AI technology accessible and profitable for you.

Discover more: GPT Genius


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Email Swipe 3: What's Covered in GPT Genius

Subject: AI-Powered Affiliate Marketing 

Hello [Recipient's Name],

Step into the future of affiliate marketing with GPT Genius. 

This comprehensive course by Stephanie Hayes covers:

  • Building Your First GPT – A Step-By-Step Guide
  • Over The Shoulder Videos For Creating GPTs For Affiliate Marketing Tasks
  • How To Monetise Your GPTs
  • 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your GPTs
  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Website From Your GPTs
  • As a Bonus You Will Have Access To ALL of the GPTs That Stephanie Created While Recording This Course and More!
  • Stupid Simple, 2 Minute Hack That Drives Hordes of Traffic To Your Website, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Blog Posts and Even Your Affiliate Offers

Start today: GPT Genius


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The Future is Here, and It's Exciting!

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