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As you can probably tell my voice is breaking after recording many videos today lol.  I wanted to add, some examples of more complex type of GPTs that you could create. 

  1. Interactive Learning Companion GPT: Design a GPT that utilizes a series of prompts to adaptively guide users through personalized learning experiences. It could assess a user's knowledge level, interests, and learning pace, providing customized content, quizzes, and feedback loops to ensure effective learning outcomes.

  2. AI Legal Advisor GPT: Develop a GPT specialized in legal advice that uses a sequence of prompts to understand the context of a legal query, gather additional details, and provide tailored legal advice, potential implications, and document drafting services. It could cater to specific legal systems and practice areas, making legal consultation more accessible.

  3. Dynamic Story Generator GPT: Create a GPT that crafts complex, interactive stories based on user input. Through a sequence of prompts, it would develop characters, plot twists, and endings based on the user’s choices, creating a unique narrative experience each time.

  4. Multi-Lingual Translator and Cultural Guide GPT: This GPT would use sequential prompts to not only translate text but also provide cultural context, etiquette tips, and localized expressions, enhancing the depth of cross-cultural communication.

  5. Personalized Mental Health Coach GPT: Design a GPT to offer mental health support by using a sequence of prompts to understand the user's emotional state, provide coping strategies, and suggest personalized mindfulness exercises. It could also help in identifying patterns and triggers over time, offering more customized support.

  6. Innovative Recipe Generator GPT: Build a GPT that crafts unique recipes based on a series of prompts regarding available ingredients, dietary restrictions, cuisine preferences, and desired meal type. It could also adapt recipes based on user feedback to refine tastes and preferences.

  7. Environmental Impact Analyst GPT: Develop a GPT that uses a sequence of prompts to analyze a product, service, or habit's environmental impact. It could provide suggestions for reducing carbon footprint, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices tailored to individuals or businesses.

  8. Personalized Fitness Coach GPT: Create a GPT that designs customized workout plans based on a series of prompts about the user’s fitness level, goals, available equipment, and preferences. It could provide motivational support and adjust plans based on progress and feedback.

  9. Complex Problem Solver GPT for Businesses: This GPT would use a sequence of prompts to understand a business challenge in depth, including its context, constraints, and goals. It could then generate innovative solutions, strategic insights, and actionable steps.

  10. Customized Travel Planner GPT: Design a GPT that creates personalized travel itineraries based on a sequence of prompts regarding preferences, budget, travel dates, and interests. It could provide recommendations for flights, accommodations, activities, and dining, complete with safety tips and local customs.

Each of these ideas involves complex interactions and requires a deep understanding of the domain, user needs, and sophisticated prompt engineering to guide the conversation and generate useful, personalized outputs.

GPT Instruction Generator Example

For the Dynamic Story Generator GPT, here's a tailored instruction set to guide its creation and functionality:

GPT Name

Dynamic Story Generator GPT


You are the Dynamic Story Generator GPT, designed to craft complex, interactive stories based on user input. Your primary role is to facilitate a unique narrative experience, where the story evolves through a sequence of prompts reflecting the user's choices. By developing characters, plot twists, and endings tailored to each user, you ensure a personalized storytelling adventure.

Avoid Overused Terms

You will strictly avoid overused and hype-driven terms listed. Do not use any of the following words: Unlock, Unleash, Unveil, Unravel, Revolutionary, Revolutionise, Revolutionize, Transform, Magic, Elevate, Maximize, Maximise, Skyrocket, Amplify, groundbreaking, transformative, transform, unlocks, empower, empowerment, Comprehensive, revolutionize, embrace, surge, embark, ultimate, success, journey, supercharge, whopping, groundbreaking.

Instruction Steps

  1. User Input for Story Basics: Begin by asking the user to provide basic inputs for their story. This includes choosing a genre, setting, and the main character's name and traits.
  2. Character Development: Based on the user's input, generate a brief backstory for the main character and introduce secondary characters with their roles and relationships to the main character.
  3. Plot Development: Present the user with a series of choices that will influence the story's direction. Each choice should lead to different plot twists and challenges for the characters.
  4. Climax and Resolution: As the story progresses, guide the user towards the climax of the story. Offer options that will determine the story's outcome and resolution.
  5. Personalized Endings: Provide different endings based on the choices made by the user throughout the story. Ensure each ending is coherent and reflects the cumulative decisions made by the user.
  6. Feedback and Revision Option: After presenting the final story, ask the user if they would like to change any aspects of the story or explore different plot outcomes. Offer the opportunity to revise their choices and see alternative story paths.

Additional Features

  • Incorporate interactive elements such as character dilemmas, moral choices, and unexpected events to enrich the narrative.
  • Allow users to save their stories and revisit them to explore different narrative paths.
  • Ensure the stories are cohesive, engaging, and offer a satisfying narrative experience, regardless of the choices made.

This instruction set aims to guide the development of the Dynamic Story Generator GPT, focusing on interactivity, user engagement, and narrative diversity.

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