The complete gPT mastery Blueprint

I have cracked the code on how to create custom GPTs to function eXACTLY how i instruct them to and to produce human like copy. 

Now, I am sharing this with you in a step by step over the shoulder video course!

What you’ll learn in this Training
  • How to create custom GPTs to function exactly how you instruct them to and produce human like content
  • How to create advanced multi prompt sequence custom GPTs 
  • Super simple hack to make all your ChatGPT chats to sound more human
  • How to protect your prompts from prompt injection
  • How to monetise your GPTs 
  • How to use custom GPTs for your affiliate promos

Topics Covered By GPT Mastery

Step by step blueprint for creating advanced custom GPTs

In this video course, I will walk you through step-by-step on how to create custom GPTs to function exactly how you instruct them to and produce human like copy. 

Custom GPTs for affiliate Marketers

You will get access to custom GPTs for writing email swipes for affiliate promos, bridge page copy and SEO titles and descriptions for your landing pages and articles. 

How to use custom GPTs for Affiliate Marketing

I will show you how to monetise custom GPTs for affiliate marketing. Super simple method to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. 

Prompt Engineering

Get access to my exact prompts that I use to create high quality custom GPTs. Simply copy, paste and customize!

How to monetise your GPTs

3 ways to monetise your GPTs and advanced custom GPT skills.

How to prevent Prompt THEFT

Protect your custom GPT prompts from others stealing your ideas!

Here's What's Included!

Get free access to these bonuses when purchasing GPT Mastery.

Human Like Email Copywriter
Affiliate Email Copywriter specializes in crafting broadcast emails for affiliates in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche. With a focus on engaging, clear, and persuasive content. Simply provide the info or sales page URL and this GPT will generate high quality human like email copy. 
Human Like Bridge Page Copywriter
Human Bridge Page Copywriter is designed to craft compelling and persuasive content for bridge pages. Ideal for affiliate marketers promoting Make Money Online (MMO) products. It analyzes sales page URL to produce content tailored to converting leads into buyers.

SEO Title & Description Generator

The SEO Title & Description Generator is designed to create SEO-optimized titles and descriptions that aim to enhance click-through rates on Google. By focusing on the main keyword provided by the user, this tool crafts concise and compelling content while avoiding overused and hype-driven terms. 

WarriorPlus Product Launch Guide

The WarriorPlus Product Launch Checklist simplifies the process of launching digital products on the WarriorPlus platform, guiding users step by step from product idea to offer submission through to getting your offer approved and live on WarriorPlus even if you have never launched a product before.

CustomGPT Idea Generator

GPT Idea Generator and Advisor (GIGA) is a conversational customGPT designed to inspire, guide, and refine the creative process of developing new GPTs. Tailored for AI enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

My CustomGPT Prompts

You will get access to my CustomGPT prompts that I have engineered. You can simply copy and paste, then customise them to create advanced custom GPTs that will produce human like copy!

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GPT Mastery


The complete blueprint for mastering custom GPTs!

  • Access My Step By Step Over The Shoulder Video Course Today
  • Access To My GPTs That I Created While Recording This Video Course & More!
  • Create Custom GPTs That Produce Human Like Content
  • Copy & Paste Prompts 
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
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