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How To Drive Traffic To Your GPTs

Submit your custom made GPTs to GPT Directories For Targeted Traffic.  Make sure you have added your website or affiliate link to your GPTs before submitting them to the Ai directories!

I have listed 7 Directories below!

Local Business Calculator Generator

GPT Local is a Local Business Calculator Generator. It's a GPT Tool Designed To Assist Users In Creating Custom HTML, JavaScript, And CSS Code For Various Calculators.

These Calculators Are Tailored For Local Businesses, Focusing On Needs Like Material Estimation, Portion Sizing, And Cost Calculations, With An Emphasis On Simplicity And Customization.

The Best Part? It Is Super Simple To Use And Implement. You Can Integrate The Calculator To Any Wordpress Site In Just 2 Minutes!

Your Bonuses

Warrior Reviewer GPT

 This GPT will analyze and review Warrior+ products from provided sales page URLs.  It's focus is on clearly explaining product features, listing bonuses, stating costs, and outlining potential benefits for buyers. 

Email Swipe Crafter

Email Swipe Crafter is a specialized AI tool designed for affiliate marketers to create compelling email swipes from sales page URLs. It expertly crafts persuasive, clear, and personable email content, focused on conversion and tailored to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in marketing campaigns.

Subject Spark

"Subject Spark" is a specialized AI tool designed to create compelling and unique email subject lines for promotional campaigns. Using a proven framework, it generates engaging email subjects tailored to specific audiences and promotional content, avoiding clich├ęs and complex jargon for maximum impact.

GPT Idea Generator & Advisor

GPT Idea Generator and Advisor (GIGA) is a GPT that generates and refines concepts for new GPT applications. It provides expert guidance, trend analysis, and collaborative support, making it an essential tool for AI enthusiasts and developers.

My PDF on 10 Ideas For Creating Calculators

This PDF outlines 10 ideas for creating calculators for Local Businesses. 

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