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Here's a story of life before custom GPTs

I remember when old Charlie first came to me, frantic as can be, going on about how he needed a custom calculator for his local hardware shop. Bless his heart, he had no idea where to even start with something like that.

"A special calculator?" I asked him. "What exactly are you looking for?"

He went on to explain he wanted something on his website where customers could input the dimensions of their room and it would tell them how many flooring materials they need to order. Now Charlie, he's a sharp tack, but anything to do with computers might as well be rocket science to him.

When I told him what it would cost to hire someone to custom build something like that, I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head! And when I said it would be at least a week turnaround time, he darn near fell out of his chair!

"A week!" he exclaimed. "Martha, the annual flooring sale starts on Friday! I need something by then so folks can use it to order for the sale prices!"

Well, I felt terrible having to be the one to give Charlie the bad news. A custom calculator seemed like such a simple thing, but building one from scratch was way out of his budget and time frame. If only there were a faster, cheaper way...

...And that's when it hit me! I remembered hearing about this new service called [name] that lets you create custom calculators in 2 minutes flat using AI technology. No coding or complex software needed. Just type in what you want, and POOF - instant calculator!

I told Charlie to hang on while I played around with it, and would you believe within 5 minutes I had a perfect flooring calculator made specifically for his shop! Floor type, room dimensions, it even recommended the right materials and amounts to order. And the whole dang thing only cost me a few bucks to build!

When I showed that calculator to Charlie, his jaw just about hit the floor. He went straight from despair to sheer delight in less than 10 minutes flat thanks to this brilliant service! He had his custom calculator and his annual sale was saved.

Now anytime local business owners like Charlie need a special calculator, I just send them straight to [name]. In 5 minutes or less they have a slick tool ready to integrate into their site and impress customers with no headaches or hassle. My good golly - I wish this kind of thing had been around years ago! It's an absolute game changer.

And Now...

Wow I can create these in 2 minutes and for free!

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