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Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Copywriter

BAB Email Copywriter will write email copy that is structured using the BAB formula: by highlighting a problem, introducing the product or service as a solution, and highlighting the results. Users provide info or a sales page URL, and BAB Email Copywriter analyzes this page/information to develop an email that promotes the product or service as a solution to a specific problem

Problem — Agitate — Solve (PAS) Copywriter

PAS Email Copywriter is designed for crafting persuasive email content based on the Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) formula. The tool works by analyzing a sales page URL or info provided by the user. It then uses the information from the sales page to write an email. 

Features — Advantage — Benefits (FAB) Copywriter

The FAB Email Copywriter will create engaging and persuasive email content using the Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB) copywriting formula. Users can provide a sales page URL, and the FAB Email Copywriter will analyze the information to produce an email. This email emphasizes the unique features of a product, its advantages over competitors, and the tangible benefits it offers to consumers.

Attention — Interest — Desire — Action (AIDA) Copywriter

This GPT will create engaging and persuasive email content based on the AIDA copywriting formula. This formula includes Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The copywriting aim is to grab the reader's attention, spark interest with exciting information, emphasize the benefits with evidence, and motivate the reader to take action. Simply provide the details or a sales page URL, It will analyze the provided information and use it to craft an email. 

 The four C's Copywriter

This GPT will write email content based on the "The four C's" copywriting formula. It will generate engaging, clear, and persuasive email copy, particularly focused on practical online earning opportunities. Just provide the details or a URL and it will write the email copy for you.

Autoresponder Copywriter

MMO Opt In Autoresponder Pro is designed to create concise and effective email sequences for lead magnet opt-ins in the online money-making niche. This tool assists users in crafting four-part email campaigns. It works by asking the user for specific details about their giveaway, the access method, any bonuses, and a sales page URL for the promotional offer. Using this information, MMO Opt In Autoresponder Pro crafts emails that introduce the offer, highlight its benefits, remind recipients of bonuses, and urge a final call to action.

Solo Ad Copywriter

MMO Solo Ad Copywriter, designed to help you create highly effective solo ad copies, specifically for the MMO (Make Money Online) niche. It will write copy for giveaways or promotional offers. Just provide the details of the offer or a sales page URL, and it will create a concise, engaging solo ad. 

Broadcast Email Copywriter

The MMO Broadcast Email Copywriter will create compelling broadcast email content for affiliate promotions. Users provide a sales page, and the tool generates the email content, complete with a structured layout that includes an introduction, key benefits, any available bonuses, a call-to-action, and a sign-off. It's ideal for affiliate marketers in the MMO niche who need efficient, ready-to-send email content.

Helpful Email Content copywriter

Writes helpful content emails from blog post URLs. The emails typically begin with a friendly greeting, outline an ideal outcome, suggest solutions, list actionable steps through bullet points, and emphasize benefits with evidence to motivate readers to take action.

Email Subject copywriter

MMO Email Subject Pro generate concise and engaging email subject lines. Its primary function is to create subjects that are either thought-provoking questions or bold statements, carefully limited to 3 to 5 words. Simply provide the email swipe and ask it to generate 5 different email subjects. 

Check out my Other Products!

GPT Genius

Step by step over the shoulder video course where I show you how to create custom GPTs for affiliate marketing tasks. As a bonus, you get access to all of the GPTs that I created while recording the course and more!

GPT Local

GPT Local Is A Business Calculator Generator. It Is A GPT Tool Designed To create Custom HTML, JavaScript, And CSS Code For Various Calculators.

These Calculators Are Tailored For Local Businesses, Focusing On Needs Like Material Estimation, Portion Sizing, And Cost Calculations, With An Emphasis On Simplicity And Customization. 

The Best Part? It Is Super Simple To Use And Implement. You Can Integrate The Calculator To Any Wordpress Site In Just 2 Minutes!

GPT Library

A library of 10 custom GPTs that I use daily. These GPTs are for a range of different things ,such as, affiliate marketing, local marketing copywriting, traffic, SEO and more.


LeadBlasta is a powerful tool designed for rapid and efficient list building without the need for complex funnels or landing pages. It provides a content marketing solution by allowing users to create interactive checklists that can include videos, images, and ads. The tool also enables leveraging traffic from the Chrome Store to enhance audience engagement and follow-up through email, SMS, and push notifications. Additionally, I am giving you access to a custom GPT for creating lead magnets quickly. As a bonus, users gain free access to the Kirim Email Marketing Platform.


The AI Video Script Writer is a tool designed for creating video ads and promotional scripts. You can choose from six proven and time-tested copywriting formulas specifically tailored for video advertising. Users can input their landing or sales page URL, and the tool will generate an optimized script. Additionally, with ScriptBlasta you can write optimized YouTube video descriptions.

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