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Stephanie Hayes

I'm a product creator and affiliate marketer specialising in the MMO (Make Money Online) Niche. 

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How AI Tools & Skills Can Benefit You

Create Blogs & Articles 
Write Email Swipes
Optimise Your Content for SEO
Craft Landing Pages 
Create Ad Copy 
Automate Your Workflow

And so much more!

Leveraging AI For Your Business

Never Optimise A YouTube Video Manually Again

With YouTube Vid Re-Optimizer you can: 

  • Leverage AI to automate your YouTube SEO
  • Fully optimise your YouTube videos with a click of a button (in bulk or one by one). 
  • Titles, descriptions, keywords, hashtags and even time-stamps fully optimised in your YouTube channel.

Automate Your Video Creation

With NicheBlasta you can:

  • Build an empire of profitable YouTube Channels
  • Create and upload videos with human like voiceovers, stock footage, fully optimised titles, descriptions, keywords, hashtags and time-stamps to your YouTube channel within seconds. 
  • Explore and test multiple niches simultaneously, quickly identifying the most profitable opportunities for your YouTube channels.

Create & Use CustomGPTs 

By creating your own customGPTs, you can:

  • Have a personal trained virtual assistant to help with any marketing task
  • Write high quality human like content
  • Speed up your workflow and save time and money

Write High Quality Ad Copy

With ScriptBlasta you can:

  • Write high quality  video ads & promotional scripts
  • Choose from 6 proven copywriting formulas
  • Craft optimized YouTube video description with a click of a button

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